Jeremy K. Lightstar (jlightstar) wrote in kylieminogue,
Jeremy K. Lightstar

Kylie Minogue to appear on Logo's "NewNextNow: PopLab"

I was watching Buffy on Logo and there was a commerical where Kylie Minogue will be the guest for the 100th episode "NewNextNow: PopLab" on August 3 at 7pm EST. I think they stated it was gonna be a mini concert but I wasn't paying attention.
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omg that's awesome! need more kylie on my tv.
Ok watched it, it wasn't a mini concert. Basically she hosted the music program and answered questions like the concept of "All the Lovers" which was aired on the show and was saying she had went to a drag show for of Kylie impersonators in Melbourne and how she was plain compared to the many incarnations of Kylies that were there. You can watch the whole episode at